Top 5 AdSense Alternative For Your Site[2019 Edition]2 min read


Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Many of you might have own blog site and working hard to get AdSense approved. I know the scenario and how hard it is for beginner.

Whoever think about having blog site and earing from it, first choice he/she might have is AdSense or Affiliate marketing. But for whatever reason,Google Adsense disapprove your request.   

Why AdSense?, if you have multiple Ad Network available in market. Yes, today I am going to quote about top 5 AdSense Alternative Ad Network.

If you have multiple Ad Network available in market. Yes, today I am going to quote about top 5  AdSense Alternative Ad Network.

1. BidVertiser

One of the fastest Ad network who approve your application and let you to monetize your blog. Bidvertiser has no traffic requirement, gives instant approval as well has less payout threshold.

How payouts work:

  Minimum instant payout of $10 via PayPal, Payza, check, or wire transfer.

2. Infolinks

Infolinks works differently, they detect keywords in your blog post and convert them into advertisement links and ads pop whenever visitors hover over keyword.

Key benefit of infolinks is, they don’t use your site space, their system will automatically convert keywords into ads link.

Infolinks don’t have any traffic requirements and open for any publisher.

How payout works:

Minimum payout threshold is & $50 via paypal and ACH. Once publisher reach to threshold, publisher get paid withn 45days end of the month.

3. is ad network yahoo and bing. It’s lot more similar to AdSense , if you have quality content and great UI. You can get approval in no time.

How payout works:

Publisher get pay via PayPal or wire Transfer as soon as earning meets minimum threshold,which is 100$.

4. Propaller ads

Propaller ads is one of the biggest ad networks after adsense. You can choose ad type according to your blog post. They support all kind of Ad types and recently do have add web push notification ad type.

How payout works:

Minimum amount get paid varies according to payment method you choose . Like if you choose PAYPAL then threshold is $50 and for payoneer is $100.

5. VigLinks.

Viglinks could be best alternative to adsense. VigLinks is affiliate advertising, or cost per acquisition.It convert outbound links into affiliate links and you get paid whenever a someone purchase through link.

It gives you 20 to 25 percent of revenue from ads which placed on your site.

How payouts work:

It has not traffic requirement for approval. It also don’t have minimum threshold. It only support PayPal.


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