Momo : The scariest tragedy after “Blue whale game”

The game which ended hundreds of life before few days. But in response to that the Cybercrime department of every ...
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Science and technology in China +knowledgesuttra

Every Nation should give careful consideration to Science and technology in China

The Chinese government is putting billions of dollars in mechanical fields, for example, man-made consciousness ,genomic altering, green advancements and ...
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 flipkart walmart deal: inside story of The biggest ever e-commerce deal+knowledgesuttra

 flipkart walmart deal: inside story of The biggest ever e-commerce deal

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. The course of action, which will see coordinator Sachin Bansal exit absolutely, will now pit US-based mammoths ...
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Google classroom+knowledgesuttra

Google Classroom:- The New Way Of E-learning

Hello,  Previously I uploaded a blog regarding to Google Scholar, Where student or researcher can Find Appropriate Document . and ...
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DirectShare : Spotify ,GoPro + more integration on instagram stories .

DirectShare : Spotify ,GoPro + more integration on instagram stories

Facebook's instagram has group uped with spotify so as to share your most loved band's music . clients will now ...
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google scholar a best search engine for literature research

Google Scholar:- Advance search engine for scientific knowledge seekers

Hi, so everyone here knows about Google, and today I'm not going to tell you about what is Google Scholar?  ...
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gmails new UI

Gmail Dispatch New UI with cool features

Google uncovered yesterday that it's wanting to dispatch a new Gmail design in the coming weeks. The invigorated plan will show up ...
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Internships :Pro's and Con's of having work experienced with an. Established organisation

Internships :Pro’s and Con’s of having work experienced with An established organisation.

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As student engineering  Internships play major role in order to  provide weight in CV. When restricted ...
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Secure your Smartphone:Top Third party Best privacy and security apps

HI, We all are addicted to smart-phone, when we say SmartPhones , first thing which comes into mind Is Android ...
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facebook recharge

Get the recharge next to your Facebook timeline

Team KnowledgeSuttra is very glad to introduce you with the Facebook's new feature.  As  mentioned above about recharge. Today we ...
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DNS : Get the fastest Internet You ever wish

Hi,Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . Faster net than Google! Yes, Cloudflare recently launch it own DNS service Which going be fastest ...
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Domain Name System[DNS]

Working of DNS :- It do the biggest work of resolving the server name through their IP address. IP address ...
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stock market

A lucid explanation of how the stock/Share showcase functions

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. lets have little bit knowledge about Stock market . The total of purchasers and venders ,a free ...
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Download Everything Regarding your Personal FACEBOOK Data

Hi,Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra Facebook has gone through Very Bad phase Due to Facebook Users Data Breach. Mark Zuckerberg CEO of ...
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Touchless Gesture Controls and Curved Screens

[UPDATES]Apple is working on Touchless Gesture Controls and Curved Screens for Future iPhone Models

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today’s topic is Touchless gesture control and curved screens for future iPhones. Apple is working on ...
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How to see whats app disappear status

What’s App Status Will Disappear after 24 Hours [Total myth]

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. What’s app brings always something new features for users , And one of the most popular ...
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blotware knowledgesuttra

No More Private: Life You Are Monitored Via Your Smartphones

Hi,welcome To KnowledgeSuttra. I m going to show you all Mobile's one of the worst feature for us, and best ...
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URL shortening services

Google has turning down URL Shortener and launching new alternative

Hi , Every time google comes with new shocking news , few days ago google closed its view image button , ...
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Google’s smart speakers

Google Officially launching smart speakers in India this month “Google Home”

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are talking about the Google’s smart speakers. Now a days Google focusing on ...
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cyber bullying

Google employees organize to fight cyber bullying at work

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friends do you know the Google employees organize to fight cyber bullying at work ...
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privacy shortcut by facebook

A privacy shortcut Button Regarding to Stop Facebook Data Breach

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra, as recently updated a blog regarding to Facebook data breach, Government of India sent an legal notice regarding ...
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5G technology+knowledgesuttra

5G data At lowest prize: Telcos Call For Policy To Switch Into India

Hello everyone welcome to KonwledgeSuttra. Today we are talking about the policies which are related to the telecom industry which ...
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Branded Smartphones Comes With Pre installed malware:RottenSys

Hi, welcome to knowledgeSuttra. Everyone of you own a cell phone which comes with cool features along with that a ...
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youtubes dark mode

‘Dark Mode’ Feature of YouTube arrives on iOS devices and coming soon for Android users

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friends now a day’s everyone are addict of mobile phones. Because of this addiction every ...
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Android P/Android 9.0: Next version of Android

Android P/Android 9.0: Next version of Android

Hello everyone welcome to knowledgesuttra. Today we are talk about the next version of Android called it as a Android ...
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Tensorflow: Magnanimous deep learning library out there

Hi Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. It's composed in a mix of exceedingly streamlined C++ and CUDA (Nvidia's dialect for programming GPUs) ...
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hiring policies

What your dream companies Hiring Polices ?

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. While you all guys are preparing for your dream companies let m introduce you all the industrial  ...
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view image

Google taken “view image”option away from it’s service,Why?

HI, welcome To KnowledgeSuttra. Recently google announced About Removing "view image" button, Its is kind of shocking as one bad ...
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holographic display-knowledgesuttra

Smartphone’s With Holographic Display:Hydrogen One 

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today well going take a quick review of Hydrogen One smartphones with a holographic display. RED, ...
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the bot-knowledgesuttra

2K18 : The Year Of The Bots

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. The tech industry insiders truly predict 2K18 to be the Year of the Bot. 2K18 innovation, ...
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piyu patil

Flying Car:Possiblity Of Launch in India

Hi, welcome to KnowledgSuttra. Today we are going to talk about the flying car, Yes! PAL-V liberty is the world's ...
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Food Cloth Shelter & #Internet :Upgraded Human Need

The impact of the Internet on our life is obvious and can't be sidelined. It is used as a piece ...
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A New Digital Data Storage: DNA

DNA advanced information stockpiling alludes to any procedure to store computerized information in the base grouping of DNA.  This sort ...
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OnePlus : 40K Customer Credit Cards Used for Fraud Transactions

In the event that you gave your Visa number to OnePlus at some point between mid-November and a week ago, ...
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Why Most Core Engineering Majors Mostly Civil Mechanical And Electrical Prefer To Work For IT Industry That Any Other Sector?

Family pressure and money. Reason –  They keep running for Marks not for Excellence. Encourage Description –  If they get ...
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Top 5 Emerging Technologies

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. The top 5 Emerging technologies are inlisted in todays blog. Technologies that are generally new but include ...
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WireLurker : A Apple Malware

Hello ,welcome to Knowledgesuttra . A bad news for iOS Device users  ,a malware called as a WireLurker  targeted all the ...
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1 Gbps Broadband Plans in India!!

Yes! you read it right,ACT Fiber net offer 1 Gbps(gigabits per second) speed in city.ACT Fiber net had launched the ...
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Black hole concept of iPhone in 2020

The Black hole concept may possible in 2020 year's iphone.  Designer Josselin Zaigouche  he is the man who brings the ...
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Augmented Reality Can Be A Good Carrier Option!!!

The prominent technology that you here frequently in Digital era is that Augmented Reality and virtual reality. And, each one ...
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