Quick guide: What is L-arginine?1 min read

Today we are talking about pre-workout supplement. It is not creatine or any other energy drink ..so what is that ? It is L-arginine this the best pre-workout supplement so today we are discussing about L-arginine and their advantage and disadvantage

what is L-arginine?

It is the pre-workout supplement which helping you give a lot of focus and strength as well as other advantages when your doing workout at gym but how L-arginine helps you ? When arginine enter into body then it change into nitric oxide (NO) as well as nitric oxide is the powerful neurotransmitter to help relaxing the blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Good circulation is good for our body. This blood circulation give great pump when you doing gym and it also gives you vascularity so it is beneficial for gym purposes. Don’t take only for gym purpose arginine, also for people who want live healthy life. It helps remove waste products from kidney, maintain immune system, improve sexual life, maintain hormone system .
So it is the information about L-arginine, now we will talk about advantage and disadvantage Advantages of L-arginene
1. It repair blood vessels
2. Reduce muscle pain
3. Improve sexual life
4. Maintaining immune system
5. Maintain hormone system
6. It improve mental focus
7. Remove waste from kidney
 It does not have any disadvantages when you take as in limit. Our body produces enough amount of L-argnine as well as many food have to help produce L-argnine

Dosages of L-argnine?

For beginner :- 1 gram before workout
For intermediate :- 2 gram before workout
For advance :- 2 to 3 grams before workout
So it is the full information about L-argenine we hope you will under the benefits of L-arginine


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