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Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. The Carbohydrate, in another words power house of the body. It helps to provide all the necessary energy which required on daily basis. Let’s get start and have deep regarding it.

So lets get started

What is carbohydrate?

Our bodies preferred it as energy source(carbs are found in foods including fruits vegetables, granins potatoes also  pastries and candy are considered)

How carbohydrate are created in our body?

Let make it simple ,sugar molecules that are a union of carbon and hydrogen and oxygen (CHO). Your body breaks carbs down into glucose ,which is transported whole body to provide energy.

So this is  a simple and sweet definition for carbohydrate. This is information about carbohydrates.

Types of carbohydrates?

There are three types of carbohydrates.

1. Monosaccharide :-

one sugar molecule (simple)

Which are one sugar molecule for example glucose collect the coals and fructose.

2. Disaccharied:-

two sugar molecule(simple)

Include sucrose table sugar lactose and milk ,toast,beer

3. Polysaccharied:-

Several sugar molecules (complex)

Which are several sugar molecules combine together

Ex:- Include starchy food like pasta , potatoes and fiber which promotes the passage of food through the gut and thus helpa maintain bowel regularity when carbohydrates is simple it refers to a mono or dissect right they are easily absorbed into the bloodstream because of their simple molecular structure think of milk fruit and table sugar

Benefits of carbohydrates

1.During high intensity activities your uses glycogen and converts it back to glucose for neco level

2.much of the fatigue of long duration training is due to a type nervous system and not the result of sore muscles

3.providing the nervous system with an adequate source of blood glucose is important for optimizing.

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