Keep shortened URL’s away and reach the Destiny URL


Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .Now-a-days the mysterious thing that actually happens for earning is links shortening. Links that are shortened first goes to the owner’s page and then redirects to the hidden link.

How It Works?

What it actually does is the Link shortener’s attempt to get multiple links and then rewards their user’s by small amount/price. But the thing which is irritating users is waiting for destiny.

To skip the time wasting reach the destiny URL’s directly, here’s the small but useful guide.

Fire up browser(Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome recommended).

Search for Tampermonkey Extension, Or click on for chrome for FireFox Download it.

Now go to Bypasser script

Click on Install Lite Edition.

Here’s the end of article for the tutorial/hands on follow the instructions.


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