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One may be amazed to note that after being created in the year 2003 Joomla has helped to develop 3 million websites. It is not that such choice is made by many due to no reason. There are definite reasons for such a choice and one must also make such a choice after reading through the benefits.

How to Have Such A Site Development

One may be thinking how to have such a site development using Joomla. It would be wise to hire the best of joomla web developer so that effective design and development can be made incorporating all the features of Joomla.

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1. The experience of such developers will enable them to judge the best of features to be included so that the site becomes one which serves the purpose of business for which it is developed.

2. The development of the site can be made in a cost-effective manner if it is developed by reputed developers.

3. One can expect to have all the benefits of Joomla when the site is developed by reputed web development organization.

The Reasons for Choosing Joomla as the Web Development Platform

One may think that having Joomla as the web development platform will offer them benefits like page caching, having printable versions of pages, integration of composer, having RSS feeds, support from Google ReCAPTCHA, language internationalization support and having sidebars which are collapsible in nature. It is to be noted that these are not the only benefits that can be derived when the site is developed by the best Joomla developers India.

1. There are quite a few other benefits that can be had when web development is made using Joomla as the web developing platform and being developed by the best of developers.

2. After having the website developed using Joomla by the best developer if one wishes to have a content uploaded then it is a cake walk.

3. It is not that one needs to have extensive knowledge regarding CSS, PHP or HTML to upload blogs.

4. It is as simple as copying the blog and pressing the Publish button.

5. So one can easily see how easy it is to use the site which is developed using Joomla as the developing platform.

6. After having the site developed there would be no need of any expert hand to make a content modification to the site.

Developers will be having the ease of creating an extension for Joomla. There are reasons for such ease. PHP is a language which is preferred by many as the open source web scripting language. This same language is used to develop Joomla. So, it gives the ease to add the extension when the site is developed using Joomla

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1. MySQL is used for data storage in Joomla. This also facilitates adding of new extensions.

2. Not only adding extensions this combination of PHP and MySQL makes Joomla be the one which offers ease in supporting the CMS.

3. Having a site developed using Joomla as the web development platform one can expect to have a site which is interactive and functional.

4. This is possible due to the fact that developers from reputed joomla development company can use more than 8000 Joomla extensions that are available.

5. There are different extensions available saying for like adding social media widgets or for creating forums according to the business needs one has.

6. These extensions are categorized in 33 different categories and developers can choose according to the requirement that they have to make the developed site more functional and interactive.

7. The extensions are not only categorized but are given a rating which allows reputed developers understand the usefulness of a particular extension.

Content management is what Joomla stands for. So, one can expect to have the best of such management when the site is developed using Joomla as the developing platform. Users can be assigned different level of permission when approaching the site. Secondly, it is quite easy to create a new site using Joomla.

1. There is no requirement of having any coding experience when sites are developed using Joomla. It easily creates the site in an orderly fashion.

2. The administrative panel will give one the effective control over the site.

3. If one owns an e-commerce organization then Joomla is the best web development platform that can be chosen.

4. The CMS itself is e-commerce friendly and so effective control over product and services can be had even without changing tabs.

5. The third-party components that run inside Joomla give one the opportunity to integrate various e-commerce features into the site.

6. One can expect the site to SEO friendly as there are certain functionalities inside Joomla which makes it so.

7. Simple steps need to be followed so as to make the site SEO optimized.

So, it can easily be seen how effective Joomla can be to develop a site and one must have such a site development by the organization offering best Joomla development India for having better business experience.


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