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Internet Response Codes+knowledgesuttra

Started the web pentesting the thing which we missed out is response codes. Today you will get the whole and sole knowledge about the exact codes and what do they means. For example get through some cases.

  1. You fired up the browser and missed to connect the internet it will give you a page, which looks like this
  2. If you setup a proxy connection, but proxy refuses connection then it will prompt as

Ohk… Now you got an internet Connection which properly responds, But after also there are some cases we will discuss them.

  1. If you typed any wrong URL, or any wrong address for website it will return like
  2. If you are completely able to connect with the internet and after also something went wrong, this is not end user problem for technical issues. It may be server error, service provider error, or anything else. Then it will return page in which server, web domain and problem statement will be given. And luckily I would like to introduce that our site is well configured and not having such issues. Let’s get through the codes.
Sr. No.
Response Codes
1. 100Continue
2. 101Switching Protocols
3. 102Processing
4. 103Checkpoint
5. 103Early Hints
6. 200OK
7. 201Created
8. 202Accepted
9. 203Non-Authoritative Information(Since HTTP/1.1)
10. 204No Content
11. 205Reset Content
12. 206Partial Content
13. 207Multi Status
14. 208Already Reported
15. 218This Is fine
16. 226IM used
17. 300Multiple Choices
18. 301Moved Permanently
19. 302Found(which is preciously removed)
20. 303See Other
21. 304Not modified
22. 305Use Proxy(Since HTTP/1.1)
23. 306Switch Proxy
24. 307Temporary Redirect
25. 308Permanent Redirect(Since HTTP/1.1)
26. 400Bad Request
27. 401Unauthorized Access
28. 402Payment Required
29. 403Forbidden
30. 404Not found
31. 405Method Not Allowed
32. 406Not Acceptable
33. 407Proxy Authentication required
34. 408Request Time Out
35. 409Conflict
36. 410Gone
37. 411Length Required
38. 412Precondition Failed
39. 413Payload Too Large
40. 414URI Too Long
41. 415Unsupported Media Type
42. 416Range Not Satisfiable
43. 417Expectation Failed
44. 418I’m a Teapot
45. 419Page Expired
46. 420Method Failure
47. 420Enhance your Calm
48. 421Misdirect Request
49. 422Unprocessable Entity
50. 423Locked
51. 424Failed Dependency
52. 426Upgrade Required
53. 428Precondition Required
54. 429Too Many Request
55. 431Request Header Field Too large
56. 450Blocked by windows  Parental Control
57. 451Unavailable for Legal Reason
58. 498Invalid Token
59. 499Token Required
60. 500Internal Server Error
61. 501Not Implemented
62. 502Bad Gateway
63. 503Service Unavailable
64. 504Gateway Timeout
65. 505HTTP version Not supported
66. 506Variant also negotiates
67. 507Insufficient Storage
68. 508Loop Detected
69. 509Bandwidth Limit Extended
70. 510Not Extended
71. 511Network Authentication Requirred
72. 520Unknown Error(Cloudfare)
73. 521Web Server is down(Cloudfare)
74. 522Connection Timed Out(Cloudfare)
75. 523Origin is unreachable(Cloudfare)
76. 524A timeout Occur(Cloudfare)
77. 525SSL handshake Failed(Cloudfare)
78. 526Invalid SSL Certificate(Cloudfare)
79. 527Railgun Error(Cloudfare)
80. 530Site is Frozen
81. 530Origin DNS Error(Cloudfare)
2.598Network Read Timeout Error

Once you have gone through this you might see that there is one sequence which is unique, i.e series of 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX.

1xx (Informational):

The request was received, continuing process

2xx (Successful):

The request was successfully received, understood, and accepted

3xx (Redirection):

Further action needs to be taken in order to complete the request

4xx (Client Error):

The request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled

5xx (Server Error):

The server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request


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