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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As everyone knows about the Hologram


It is the technique which is used to create illusion for the viewers. It is used to create virtual illusion of real things.


In the similar way, the transnational sites, banking websites, etc(websites where financial things to be done). are getting completely cloned using any website Copier like HTTRACK or any other. And used same domain name and clients get fooled hence the fraud takes place. For the complete details go through given image.

This might still confusing that how the exact Domain name can be bought even after it is registered. It is same as that of hologram, even though the person/things are not physically present there is chances of creating illusion by using the combination of light Rays.

A homograph is a word that shares the same written form as another word but has a different meaning. However, some dictionaries insist that the words must also sound different, while the Oxford English Dictionary says that the words should also be of “different origin”

Buying the Similar Domain name with homographic technique.

  • Either use m in place of rn vice versa.
  • 0(Zero) can be used as O(Alphabetic O)/o.
  • I can be used as l vice versa
  • use ASCII values in place of characters it will automatically changed.

Here is one of the best Homograph creater

Before going for conclusion here is the note kindly go through it.

TeamKnowledgeSuttra is neither Supports nor responsible for any kind of unethical tasks done with reference to this source. We are proposing such contents only for awareness purpose.

To stop yourself getting victimize of such attacks,

  • Make sure that the SSL certificate is original or not, this is the only thing can be verified by the local user who do not have any technical knowledge. for reference  Click here

Else go to https://whois.domaintools.com and verify details


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