Google maps to get Augmented Reality1 min read


Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discuss about the Google maps to get Augmented Reality. Google has announced upcoming changes in Google maps, Among them virtual reality support that concept is called asVisual Positioning System or say VPS.

On the AR, A future version of the maps apps will merge its traditional interface with the live camera view. While doing navigation, The arrow will appear at each turn makes it difficult to misinterpret the direction. The company is also experimenting with animated icons like Fox, which will clear any doubts and make the app more interesting.

AR technology can also access the rest of the app, for example by popping up information cards while looking at the storefront.

VPS is the reality feature that combine the live mobile camera with the Google’s data trove to get an better sense of the position than possible with just GPS. This technologies are specially used in dense urban area where is GPS is blocked by building.

The tasks have a less basic extra “for you” tab that shows nearby interests, including the “match you” feature that is trying custom-tailored recommendations. One of the purposes of this is to share the sharing list with friends instead of closing names from memory.

Google VP Aparna Chennapragada don’t say when these features might come to Maps, or if they’ll be available on iOS as well as Android.

Apple has expressed its own Interest in newer iPhone cameras with it in mind, and providing AR-Kit to developers wanting to build apps. The company is rumored to be working on a standalone headset with features like 8K eyepieces and its own operating system, currently dubbed “rOS.”


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