Download & Installation of JAVA SE 12 in Windows2 min read


Hello guys, Welcome to the knowledgesuttra. In this blog we will learn how to install java. JDK(Java Development Kit) is a major platform component for creating Java applications. His heart has a Java compiler. This JDK allows you to run and run Java program code. JAVA SE 12 stands for java standard edition 12.

Following are steps to install Java in Windows

Step 1:- Click on this link to download JDK. Download only java latest version.

Step 2:- Accept License Agreement

Download latest Java JDK for your version(32 or 64 bit) of java that you have recuired.

Step 3:- When download is complete then run the .exe file of jdk as administrator.

Click on the next.

Step 4:- You can choose the location that you to install it, or you can default location for install of java. Click on the Next.

Step 5:- In this step installation will be start. After the installation will complete close it.

Step 6:- In this step we set the path of java. Go the Control Panel & then go the System. And the go the Advance System Setting.


Step 7:- Click on the Enviroment Variables.

Step 8:- In the User Variable we have to add new variable and add value. So click on New button. In Variable box write JAVA_HOME as it is and in value give the path of jdk file that we to install.

Step 9:- In the System Variable we have add the path of bin folder of jdk. In the system variable we can see the Path, double click on it. Here we have to add bin folder path of jdk so click on new and give the path of bin folder.

Step 10:- Open the Command Prompt. Write the javac and click the Enter button on keyboard. We can see the this page. When you to see this page then we can run the java program easily.


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