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HI,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are talking about common myth in dieting Lets clear them all .

What are the common myths in dieting?

Dieting myth

#1  Carbs are bad for you :

  • Carbs can cause insulin insensitivity but only in people with pre-diabetes that overeat high sugar carbs.
  • If you don’t exercise and your diet consists mostly of these type of carbs then they will negatively affect your health
  • However ,if yo follow a well balanced diet and exercise regularly ,quality carbs will actually be necessary to fuel your workout.

#2 Fat is bad for you:-

1)cutting all fat your diet can be dangerous since yiur vody needs it for hormone production (low fat diets can increase your testosterone).2)many low fat products. Contain more calories than their normal counter part (eat omega 3 and 6 fatty acids).3)there is no evidence that saturated fats are the direct cause of heart problem 4) trans fat is only kind of fat that is directly linked to heart problem

#3  Protein is bad for you :-

1. Healthy adults who exercise have no problem with consuming high amount of protein both in regards to kidney problems or other health problems.

2. If you have an existing renal disease or existing kidney problems than limit your protein intake

3. Elderly individuals at risk of bone density issue and osteoporosis should aim to consume more protein (when you take more protein).

 #4 Avoid salt at all cost :-

 1. Salt(sodium) is an essential mineral its consumption is critical to our health .

2.The average person consume double the recommended intake .

3. In most people there appears to be little to no  association between salt consumption and hypertension (high blood pressure)



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