Women’s Journey Before Twentieth Century- Ashlesha Gajbhiye. 

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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. whole day we cover all the major issues which are faced by Women’s. Have a another Guest blogger miss. Ashlesha Gajbhiye. 

Women’s Day may be a international day celebrating the social , economic , cultural and political achievements of women’s.

International Women’s Day “IWD” is additionally called the International operating Women’s Day or United Nations Day for women’s.

Rights and International peace that is widely known per annul on 18 MARCH all across the globe in numerous region of the countries so as to focus the accomplishment and contributions of the women’s within the society.

So, these days we tend to cite the women’s journey before twentieth century and once century

Before twentieth century

women’s had no legal identity with the exception of their husband’s. The biological role of girls to relinquish birth ‘ to and watch out of offspring ‘ , was thought of to be the most and solely job of girls. Women weren’t allowed to try to to labor-intensive work,as they were thought of to be physically week. While men were exposed to various career opportunities, women’s career opportunities were restricted to job associated with the house. Women’s ran the households endeavor domestic work and kid care themselves, furthermore as oversight the servants used to cook, clean and run daily errands.

But women’s within the twenty first century have swollen their roles and position in society , particularly those who were erst dominated by men. Clearly circumstances of family life have modified in twenty first century the fashionable era has taken the ladies out of the house and into the work. women’s have created advance towards equality in their career . For example , the fashionable ladies could contend within the work for position like doctors, engineer,architect, construction staff, social staff etc

At  21st  century

Today you see ladies mounting the company ladder of huge firms earning salaries approaching ,if not corresponding to those of men . Many more ladies area unit occupying the position of Chief officer and area unit even sitting on Board administrators. “”There area unit several name in history WHO have evidenced that a women’s strength is immeasurable, one she makes her mind to create her journey a in nobody force will stop her

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