What’s App Status Will Disappear after 24 Hours [Total myth]

How to see whats app disappear status

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. What’s app brings always something new features for users , And one of the most popular What’s app Status which further on disappear after 24 hours.

Daily Whats App user’s updating something new on their status. And these “status are temporarily available so we can access them only for 24 hours.”

Let me prove wrong to myself “All the statuses of your friends are accessible to you for a lifetime until you remove them from your mobile.”

How Can I See what’s app Disappeared Status

As I quoted above “ you can access those story or status for life time” ,Here no any new trick will be introduced and no need to use third party application , but the thing which going to be introduced is accessing viewed statuses including videos, gif’s, photos upto lifetime.

Follow the steps :-
  • Have a look at your Whats App and checkout some statuses.
  • After that Go to Mobile’s file manager
  • Now do the very simple thing Open option menu and click on show hidden files


  • In file manager ,go to whats app > Checkout the Media

You see the new folder appeared ,Which named as .Statuses just  click on it and you see all the recent status which you have accessed before

What to do next ?

U can easily free up memory space whatever allocated to that “.Statuses”hidden folder.

Or else you can just check the all last viewed statuses of your contacts. Sometimes you wish to save your friends Status and you can’t, this is the alternative you can do.



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