what kind of features a hosting plan should have

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Hi, I know its kind of late and sorry about that. Let’s start with today’s topic, previously I uploaded blog regarding to website development in which i quoted about hosting  ,let’s have deep dive into it. Hosting always play role because your site speed depends on your hosting. In SEO Point of View site speed matter most.

First of all you need to have basic idea about your website’s requirement, Such as what kind of website you going to make, what language or What platform you going to use etc. Because sooner or letter you going to have much traffic on your site, and for that your site able to handle that much traffic

What is Hosting

Hosting is nothing but the space or particular amount of storage on server on which user can design or develop their website which is accessible via the World Wide Web 

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Features your hosting Plan must have

Unmetered / Unlimited bandwidth :-

As per I quoted above you need to have basic idea about your website requirement. Once you ready to buy Hosting Service afterwords  the main thing you mostly have to concern about is your visitor never seen any error . For that you need to have Unmetered bandwidth service. Let me explain you why?

Let you have Limited bandwidth (1GB), Bandwidth is nothing but the quantity of data that a server can transfer in particular amount of time. Once 1GB bandwidth exceeds your website visitor’s sees error.


Again what amount of storage you need to have totally depend upon what kind of website you going to have. Like if you going to have BLOG_SITE 30Gb space is enough but latter on you need to have more space. If you have Online shopping site Buy Unlimited Storage.

Customer Support  

 Customer service plays main role. You cant predict when error occur some time it related to your websites coding section , sometime problem belongs to main hosting providers. That’s why 24*7 customer support is required.

Now many Hosting providers have 24*7 customer service available like Godaddy,Bluehost, Hostgetter.


You can’t any hosting service until you use it and in other hand just in sake of trying we also can,t spend money. Here review can give you basic idea, Always check reviews what type of experiences other user have have got. It will help you to get in order to decide best hosting services.


Last but not the list pricing. As customer we have right to compare all the services according to price line . If you are choosing hosting provider who provide all the features then buy for long term, you end up with paying less.

let me know in comment section which company is most trusted company as a hosting providers

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