Phishing : Stay Safe or Sacrifice Yourself.

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Hi,welcome to Knowledgesuttra.  Phishing, one of the most popular type of attack in cyber world. previously we  had uploaded blog regarding to types of attacks in cyber world . Let’s take deep dive into it ,and understand what is Phishing .Maximum time we made fool by an organization or a person who starts messaging like

“Hooola, I got $100 from this link visit here http://get-100$.com, register using facebook/google and get $10 for registration share link with 10 friends to get remaining $90.”

Hackers caught us on the huge platforms including Social Media like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc. They know very well that where their audience is interested, sometime that message could be changed, and after also you get hacked.

How these links works ?

As shown in above image, you can easily make sure that these links do not afford even a SSL certificate.

And if a money providing site can’t afford SSL certificate then how will you get paid.

How to check SSL certified or not ?

The green lock connected with the URL is the only identifier of a SSL to check SSL certificate +knowledgesuttra

Here, we discussed about how we caught in hackers hand. Let’s start discussion on how to keep safe.

  • If you don’t find this lock then do not login on that links.
  • Whenever free reward, earn, anything like that which deceive us to click on that links, at least once think about that “Is it true ? Can it happen ? Can anyone give you free Money in the era of paid ?”
  • Never login any suspicious links from facebook. Copy them Open in browser, and then check is it legit or not.

Hope all these information might help you,  keep you safe from phishing attack . If you got any query’s feel free to ask me out in comment section or ping us on Facebook

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