Health & Fitness : Quick Guide On L-Carnitine


Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Todays blog will be helpful for those , who doing gym .   so lets discuss about what is L-carnitine ? , why it is use ?, advantage of L-carnitine?

so lets get started

what is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is the amino acid it means it the building blocks of protein. In 1959s L-carnitine is referred as a vitamine BT.

L-carnitine is also produce by our body it self.   L-carnitine supplement mainly using by bodybuilder because It provides good pumpin order to get  more muscle because it contain amino acid and it also helpful for burning the fat

where the L-carnitine is made in our body?

L-carnitine is formed in liver and kidney, make two animo acids that is lysine and methionine.However it also stored in firstly in muscle ,heart,brain,even in sperm .

Other than L-carnitine supplement it get from our diet but it mainly it comes from meat it also come from plant based  food like avocado and soybeans.

Advantages of L-carnitine?

It not be have any side effects . Till you don’t overdoes it.

  1. It helps to burn the fat
  2. Better blood flow and pump
  3. It increases the testosterone level
  4.  Increase the growth factors

so this is main advantages of L-carnitine it has many advantages of taking L-carnitine but 4 are main advantages


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