Quick Guide on Domain Name extension

discard some of the myth regarding domain name, what domain name extension should is preferable for your business +knowledgesuttra

Hello everyone, Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Let’s get started with another quick tutorial guide. Today we going to discard some of the myth regarding domain name, what domain name extension  should is preferable for your business and all. I found many off newbies asking regarding difference between domain name extensions. Let’s get started and try have all the answer

Note:- Purpose behind making these such basic level blogs to take newbies from beginner to  expert  level. Here i am trying to make things as understandable  as possible. Still you got any query left your query in comment section and we back to you soon.

What is Domain Name Extension?

In 1984, if you wish to visit any website you need to type its IP address, further on for achieving   more usability  Domain name comes into profile.Extension plays main role just like choosing right domain name. Domain extension are the suffix at the end of domain name after dot [ex. Most of domain name end with .com extension . like Knowledgesuttra.com , here .com is extension]it’s Also stand for Top Level Domains or TLDs.

Domains comes are considered in two types  Restricted or Unrestricted

Restricted or Unrestricted Extensions

All the extension are divided into categories as I quoted above . All the sponsored Top level Domain comes into restricted form. Let go through example,  assume .edu extensions. All the .edu extension are sponsored by  accredited educational institutions.

In other hand, .com .net .abs .tv etc are non-sponsored domain extension can be registered by anyone called as Unrestricted Extensions  

Here you find all the new domain extension List of Internet top-level domains.

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