What is Dianabol(D-Bol)

What is Dianabol(D-Bol)?

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Those are in bodybuilding well probably know what is DIANABOL. Those are just beginner may be it new term for them. Let take deep into it and understand what is DIANABOL.

note:- we don’t recommend  to consume Dianabol(D-Bol)

What is Dianabol(D-Bol)?

It is an anabolic steroid promoted  and improving physical strength, muscle building as well as it also popular steroid and it will commonly refer in the bodybuilding community. It is mainly used who build muscle or gain weight.As I quoted above  it is steroid then one question might be comes to your mind,  does it has any side effect? . Probably Yes, It has side effect let discuss about it later.

Dianabol increases protein metabolism as well as it gives a positive nitrogen balance to more anabolic (muscle-building) movement. Essentially, it truly enables your body to Build tremendous muscles significantly speedier when you work out, compared with working out without Dianabol

Its pharmaceutical name is  METHANDIENONE or METHANDROSTENOLONE and its chemical formula C20H28O2.it promoted good result like muscle gains and gaining the weight, yes it has good result as well as it gets the very serious side effectchemical formula C20H28O2+knowledgesuttraimage source:- http://www.tcichemicals.com

so let’s talk about Dianabol Side effect.

The side effect of Dianabol(D-Bol)?

  • Hair fall
  • GYNECOMASTIA or man boobs
  • Acne
  • Liver Damage
  • Organ Dysfunction

 this is the main side effect if you consume the Dianabol(D-Bol)

If you wants to consume the Dianabol(D-Bol) and how you get proper as well as in a safe way

so go through it.

How can you get the proper result as well as in a safe way, when you consume Dianabol(D-Bol)?

First and important thing, only take as 10mg tablet of Dianabol(D-Bol) , where you take any company of Dianabol(D-Bol) but one tablet is only 10 mg

How to get in a safe way?

First of all you have to consume antioxidant of side effect like multivitamins, Vitamin E and for liver health consume Himalaya liv 52 or like other tablets of other company and don’t consume  regularly ,Keep this cycle only 1 or 2 months in between  this is the short guide for consuming Dianabol(D-Bol) in a safe way and if you wish to buy Dianabol(D-Bol) then go for US brand

 note:- we don’t recommend  to consume Dianabol(D-Bol) consume on your own risk




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