What is Body Type?


Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra We are starting the new category i.e. Health & Fitness. In this category, we cover all the topics on Health & Fitness. We are starting from body type to muscle gain, fats loss and what is supplement? as well as other topics etc. We also discuss the myths in our Fitness industry thus it is very important in our Indian fitness industry. In our India about 70% of people are unfit and other 30% of people are good in health and they kept there and live their lifestyle in hygienic way and healthy way. From this category, we are giving a message to the society that what is fitness? and how we are in good shape and physique and how we live life without getting ill or we can say a healthy life. We promise you that we will give a complete guide for live healthy life.

In India, many people don’t look at their health because their reasons could be that they don’t have time to do exercise, gym. In this world, every person has 24 hours and it is depend on that person how they utilize.

For being a good and live the life healthy, we must know what is our body type? Yes, in the human being they have their body type. Let’s see them below.


What is body type?

In the human being, there are three ddifferent Body type and they are

1) ECTOMORPH: – Thin as well as skinny and hard to build muscle.

In this body type, people are thin and skinny and it is very hard to gain weight as well as their metabolism is high. One question may be arrive in your mind that what is metabolism? And we have covered it at the end of this blog.


In ectomorph, muscle cells are quite low and it is hard to gain muscles. When ectomorph people have to lift up some extra weight they will have to chances to get ill or they suffer from some weakness, for that they have to increase the weight. In Ectomorph body type to gain weight is very difficult but by following good and healthy diet they can gain a weight.

Let’s go through with this case.

How Ectomorph gain weight and build muscle?

Firstly, they have to know their BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). We see how much calories have to eat per day.  They have to eat or add 1000/1500 calories per day then they will have to chance to gain weight. If they want to do exercise or gym then they have less workouts because they have a high metabolism.

 2) ENDOMORPH:-Big and have lots of fat and with a high tendency to get fat.

Those who belongs to ENDOMORPH body type are, Big and fat and they have tendency to absorb more fat and their metabolism is low. They will not burn enough calories and look fat and getting fat is not good because they consume saturated fat and it is bad fat from this fat cause clogged or blocked arteries as well as major health problem. Endomorph people are quite strong but being in a good shape they should have work very hard.


How Endomorph people do fat loss?

In this body type of people, they have to go for fat loss. For fat loss, they have to Know there BMR(Basal metabolic rate) by which ,its easy to understand, how much calories have to eat per and in this, per day of calories they have less or subtract the 1000/1500 calories. If they want to do gym or any other exercise they must have to do more workouts or more exercise and less eat.


3) MESOMORPH:-Muscular and well-shaped to the body with a good metabolism and good muscle cell.

In this body type, people have well shape and hygiene with a good metabolism. They have natural tendency to build muscle very well, it means they don’t have to work hard as compared to ECTOMORPH and ENDOMORPH. This body type is very rare because every person don’t have good genetics. Some people don’t have good genetics then they have to regenerate their genetics by eating healthy food and be healthy.

mesomorph+knowledgesuttraHere, it’s all about body type.  Previously all were don’t know about metabolism. Now we will clear the concept of Metabolism.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the main function of our body which helps our body to work properly. Metabolism is like an Engine in vehicle where engine burn a fuel. Similarly, Metabolism burn calories from our body. It means metabolism is the engine of our body. While burning the calories from our body, metabolism also provides energy from macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients.

From above example, hope so you guys got it about metabolism.

So we have seen some cases of metabolism:-

· If you have low metabolism, then you will be getting fat and unfit. It’s the case of Endomorph.

· If you have high metabolism, then you will be skinny and thin. It is the case of Ectomorph.

· If you are in a fit and in good shape as well as you have good metabolism, then you must be a Mesomorph.


Lastly this words for you-

 “It doesn’t have the alternative of hard work; therefore you have to work hard for your health & fitness and for your peaceful mind.”

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