what are the possibilities of world war III?


Let’s be realistic here: In this present day and age, nuclear weapons are expected to goad a World War III .

With current innovation, as long as nations bring together and team up in a fight exertion, most wars can be finished rapidly.

Along these lines, we have achieved our first decision – atomic equipping is essential for a WW3 begin.

USA (6500+)

Russia (~7000)

UK (200+)

China (200+)

France (200+)

India (100+)

Pakistan (100+)

North Korea (<100)

Israel (<100)


Next, we know China, USA, and Russia are the three noteworthy monetary superpowers. Any World War III would set the three on an immediate impact course. Given the USA and Russia’s armageddon-inducingly extensive arms stockpiles of atomic weapons, we can sensibly discount the two nations as a war between either would wipe both out.

High hazard nations are: Pakistan, North Korea
Having more than once led rocket and atomic tests in the course of the most recent decade, North Korea is demonstrating no tendency to fall under U.S. weight. The United States has responded with strategic confusion, as senior authorities frequently repudiate each other inside long periods of making articulations

The minute we quit thinking about each other paying little mind to race..is the minute we lose our mankind.

Demise goes to every one of us, yet on the off chance that the administrations get their direction, it will come only a tad sooner.

Dear Trumptards, so how are you appreciating the start of World War 3 up until now?

Is everything you trusted it would be?

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