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Hello there, Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra , As student prospective having passive income source, and live independently gives you gives you confidence as well freedom to. On these note today I;am going to gives you list things by which everyone can make passive income without wasting much time.

Note:- it just an quick overview on things that you can do to have some passive income,If you guys need details blog on same topic kindly comment below or ping us our social media accounts

By Selling E-Books

In these busy era,everyone wants to keeps there time as useful as possible. As my concert I like to keep E-books.

If you are good at something let say “Ethical Hacking ”, if you can write meaning full e book on topics you expert at,can give you good income source. You can sale E-books on following sites:

  1. Payhip

  2. Kindle Amazon

  3. Lulu

  4. Nook Press

  5. Payspree

Tutorial Courses

Many student prefer video lecture rather than books, even I do the same. Creating step by step guide which can be easily understandable by other such video can give you another income source.

The most famous platform as you know youtube and udemy allows you to upload video can have income over it. Due to Youtube’s update policy,its kind of hard to monetize videos . On other hand you can upload it on udemy


It’s an auction site were you can sell as well buy Websites and domain . The reason of mentioning Flippa here is having ready website with good traffic. Another thing is domain name which consist of high search volume keyword let say “digital marketing ”. The actual point is if you have an site with good amount of traffic or such domain name you can sell it on flippa.com

Selling Graphics Design

:- Selling templates

If you are good at graphics designing can land you good amount of money. You can sell all your template on multiple sites and earn. Some of the sites from you upload as well earn passive income

  1. Creative Market
  2. Big Cartel
  3. This is a Limited Edition

Designing T-shirt, Mobile covers or any creative things can be sell on redbuddle.com and collect royaltise


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