STORM v2.5.1 has been released


Hello everyone welcome to knowledgesuttra. Today we are discussing about The STORM, what is STORM and what is new in this v2.5.1 of STROM.

What is STORM?

STORM is cracking program designed to perform website security testing.

What’s new

-Added FTP Support once again, But this time more light-weight and optimized!

– Added ‘Tested Per Minute’, ‘Total Threads’ and ‘Total Loaded Combo’ Stats.

– Added “HMACSHA1”, “HMACSHA384”, “HMACSHA512”, “HMACMD5” and “HMACRIPEMD160” support for PBKDF2 Hashing. (The Function name also has been changed from “pbkdf2hmacsha256” to “pbkdf2hmac”)

– Added ‘GetBytes’, ‘GetString’, ‘AES’, ‘RSAParameters’ and ‘RSA’ Functions.

– Added ‘Base64’ option for ‘SHA’ and ‘HMAC’ Hashing methods.

– ‘Base64Encode’ And ‘Base64Decode’ Functions now Supports Byte Arrays Inputs!

– Fixed a very rare “It’s time to wait for data from the HTTP server” message on some special pages!

– Fixed the Proxy Authorization was being ignored.

– Fixed an OLD Bug behind the FTP Stages!

– Fixed the worker list position cannot go higher than 4,000,000 and stops at 4 Million list position.

– Fixed a very rare Redirect Location issue (Like the Origin’s SelfLocation header Redirect Infinite Loop)!

– Fixed the Debug Window keeps sending requests in redirect loops even while you have the window closed!

– Fixed the “Cookie: *” functionality.

– Removed the Junk MessageBox on “Delete” button in Debug Form. Version 2.5.1

– Added “HEX” and “Bytes” Support for “RSA” and “AES” functions output type.

– Fixed Double “Cookie: ” was being sent while you had the cookies in Headers Variable.

– Fixed the “URLEncode”/”URLDecode” function not encoding/decoding some special chars.

This information is given for the educational purpose. Use this information with your own risk.

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