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HI,There are various attacks and different types of used by Cybersecurity experts in hacking systems. In which a system configuration required a high performance.

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Let’s back to the topic. There are various kinds of attacks available in cybersecurity. Before jumping on attacking first of all we will go through the types.

Various types of attacks in the cyber world :

When an hacker decides what to attack, it can be a LAN, PC, Network, drones, etc. After that what hacker needs is a very big question. Hacker needs either an unauthenticated access or database or anything else.


Case 1:

If he/she needs an unauthorized access then hacker Bruteforces a login panel, and gains the admin level access.

Case 2:

If hacker needs the database files then, there are various ways one of them is SQL injection, etc

Case 3:

If hacker needs full access over a device then malware/bots attack is preferable.

Likewise there are many cases, we are unable to discuss all at the same time by text. Lets get to the small video session, if you liked please convey us by comments.

Now it is easier to compare all the differences.

Some of the vectors are listed below

  1. Advanced persistent Threats
  2. Botnets
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Insider attacks
  5. Mobile threats
  6. Viruses, worms & malware.

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