Top 3 injury you have to face off during play any sport or any other activity


Today we talk about injury. Injury—the word alone is adequate to strike fear into the heart of any  athlete.  It is very painful feeling because if you get the injury you must take a long rest from gym depending upon injury . today we talk about top 3 common  type of injury will happen doing gym and why its happen also how will be get rid off from injury .

So get started this blog will be helpful for you if wanted to get rid from your injury for that read blog till end.

Top 5 common injury happen to us.

Ankle sprain

It is happen when  ligament which provide  the connection between the bone  of the ankle will injured or more than normal stretching force is applied to them .it is normally happen people who do running a lot or who   jump a lot as well as they has very bad nutrition.

So it the one of type of injury now how we will prevent from this injury.

Prevention :-

  • Wear proper shoes for activity whatever you perform.
  • Also keep your ankles strong and flexible for that your have to consult to doctor or physical therapist
  • Keep your nutrition good and healthy

How to get rid off from ankle sprain?

Treatment from doctor is very similar to home care simply using ice to lessen the inflammation.

If your go to the doctor that time doctor will apply plaster(brace or cast) on ankle to reduced the motion and give you to medicine.

Groin pull

It will be happen when muscle are in too much in stress your groin and thigh.this injury will happen to that type of people who require a lot of running and jumping  or in particular suddenly jumping and change the direction

for ex:- this type of injury will happen to football player and soccer player

How to get rid off from Groin pull?

It happy to see Groin pull will be heal on its own but you have to give the time and rest to heal rapidly also you can apply Ice the inside of your thigh as well as Compress your thigh using an elastic bandage or tape.

Muscle strain:-

This type of injury will damage your muscle or its attaching tendons . this injury happen when person sudden  lift heavy weight or performing work injury muscle damage form in tearing  the muscle fibers and the tendons attached to the muscle.

How to get rid off from muscle strain?

  • Pain at rest at least for 1 week or depending upon injury.
  • Rub ice on injury for reduced the swelling.
  • Gentle stretching is one of best treatment for this injury .
  • Apply warm thing on injury it studies show that by keeping muscle warm is very good to less chance for this type of injury.

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