There Are A Steady Tornadoes on Sun

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friends do you know according to new research on our sun there are Tornadoes but they do not spin like earth based tornadoes do. These tornadoes first observed over 100 years ago. It is known as Giant solar tornadoes.

There Are Tornadoes on Sun But They Don’t Spin Like Earth-Based Cousins Do Composite image of a solar prominence, observed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on August 31, 2012. Image via NASA/SDO/GSFC/EWASS and NAM.


The Giant solar tornadoes also called as prominences. Few years back NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory take spectacular images and the images shown that this giant structure is same as the structure of tornadoes on earth we say them down here.

What is the size of Giant solar tornadoes and its structure

This is the massive object it is large in size it is having the size more than the size of Earth. It is made up of a hot gas comprised of electrically changed hydrogen, plasma and helium that comes out of the sun. They shape over timescales of about a day, and stable ones may hold on for a while, circling a huge number of miles into space. In any case, up to this point, with just two-dimensional pictures as a guide, researchers had figured they may rotate like tornadoes do. Yet, that may not be the situation.

Ka-Booooooom! [hd video]

Presently, utilizing the Doppler impact to add a third measurement to their information, stargazers have estimated the speed of the moving plasma and in addition its direction, temperature and thickness. Utilizing quite a while of perceptions, they are presently ready to develop an entire photo of the attractive field structure that backings the plasma.

Brigitte Schmieder, another researcher engaged with the work, said that “sun based tornadoes sound alarming however in certainty they ordinarily have no observable outcomes for us. Be that as it may, when a tornado noticeable quality ejects, it can cause what’s known as space climate, conceivably harming force, satellite and correspondence arranges on Earth.”

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