The Hacking Grammar : Unknown Fact

The Hacking Grammar : Unknown Fact+knowledgesuttra

HI,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .Every branch and every department when deals with problem’s and obtaining its solution the proper language.

And this is makes you professionally survivable in the industrial environment.

Yes !

Its really as important as “Regional language to survive in area, and universal language to survive in the world”.

Hacker’s surveillance in Hackers

Have you ever heard Doctor told someone “open bearings of ECG & insert iron plate drilled of 10mm whole”  LOL !

Hereby I am damn sure to tell you that you never heard such kind of language usage from doctor.

Just because they are doctor they only use vocabulary like Get that ECG, plug it, get the oxygen mask ready.

Same with the hackers, Have a look at some great vocabulary used by the Hackers Communities

As you gone through the small 5 minute video, you can get the small knowledge. Here we’re exploring something more.

The Hacker :- Malicious Programmer & Software Destroyer.

Attribution :- Who is a legitimate hacker behind the hacktivity.

Backdoor :- Back specifies unauthorized Door specifies access.

Bug :- Its a flaw of software, error that can harm its functionality.

Chip-Off attack :- In which hacker needs to physically remove storages, like memory card, HDD,etc.

DDOS :- Distributed Denial of Service in which server made busy hence others will be misguided.

If you really wish to know more

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