Steps/Phases in System, Server, Organization Hacking

phases of hacking

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . To gain access in anyone’s/organizations system, there must be a proper way to do so. Meanwhile Cyber Security world is always gone through all this things. Stealing someone’s/organizations data is like impressing a girl to love you, and then having her with you rather than her parents. Yes ! All the things which we do to impress a girl and make her fall in love with you, all we need to do during a single System/Organization hacking.

content :-

:-First Phase of Hacking Reconnaissance

:-Second Phase of Hacking is Scanning.

:-Third phase of hacking is Gaining access.

:-Fourth Phase of Hacking Maintaining Access

:-Fifth Phase of Hacking Clearing footprint/tracks


When we see attractive, gorgeous girl the very first thing which we do is Starts Gathering moreover information about her. Same thing we want to do with the system hacking.

We need to start information gathering which is the first phase of hacking. By professionals it is named as Reconnaissance.
Reconnaissance include the information about system.

First Phase of Hacking Reconnaissance

In this it has two phases.

  1. Active reconnaissance
  2. Passive reconnaissance

1. Active reconnaissance

In this case the hacker steps ahead by directly interacting with the organization/system/victims. But if he has a face of anonymous/hacker then hacker can’t get as much information about victims. Hence hacker need to be professionally presenting himself to gather more information about victims. Somewhat it is the dangerous case like asking about our crush to her parents

2. Passive reconnaissance 

In this case we do not directly interact with the company/organization/system. As much as possible we gather information available online on websites, google, etc. But avoiding directly interaction with organization/systems/someone.

But whatever information available on the internet is also sensual, and that’s what we want during hacking. Just like Not asking about our crush to her parents

Second Phase of Hacking is Scanning.

Scanning allows the user to know more about victim. In this phase a hacker gains information about the technical issues, bugs, backdoors, loophole, as well as open closed ports list, IP, and flaws in the victims system.

It include the usage of tools. Pinging, port scanning, vulnerability scanner, nmap(Network mapper), etc. Keep in touch we will directly interact with tools & get a better practice session over it.
Scanning is not a start of hacking. Hacking is started since you victimized a system. Now you are at the second stage & only three stages/phases of hacking are left.

Lets get to the third one.
Scanning is comparatively same as proposing a girl. If she accepts then hacker allowed to get in the third phase of hacking.

Third phase of hacking is Gaining access.

Gaining access is also a section of tools. Unlike we used gifts to control our crush to be with us. This tools are taken by completely hands on practice session. Coming soon. I am really glad to tell you that your hacking/victimizing has been done.

But still there are two main phases of hacking are left .The last two phases are Maintaining access & clearing footprint

Fourth Phase of Hacking Maintaining Access

It contains the activities that performed by a hacker to control all the required activities under hackers control.

Fifth Phase of Hacking Clearing footprint/tracks

It is the main + biggest phase where hacker comes back from the victims system with clearing hacked way, self IP, and our witnesses of proving that none other than you was hacker behind it. Hence be focused on this. Because organization uses honeycomb like structure in which hacker get caught. Be in touch for coming tools videos.

Let’s go through this video session.

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