Steganography : Catch your victim behind the Filesystem

Steganography : Catch your victim behind the Filesystem+knowledgesuttra

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . It happens many times when we try to download the pirated software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Microsoft Office for FREE. They are available on many sites for FREE with its crack and available patch. But we don’t have an idea what actually the patch is going to do.

We only know that it will give us the Paid Software for Free. In this era of 21st century, even asking a girl for kiss it will also cost something then how could anyone give you a Completely paid software’s for FREE ?

What actually happens in backend during using those cracked software’s ?

Maximum times it comes with malfunctioned. Malfunctioned means a program that able to run automatically with the cracked software to grab what is doing the FREE user. Hackers even monitors the Screen, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V events, as well as keystrokes our bank info also leaked during this, and many more.

How they actually do this ? They compose their own malware’s and combine it into cracked softwares. And easily upload it to web. We visit their sites, and download it.

Hiding .txt behind .mp3

Hiding .doc behind .jpeg/jpg/png

Here’s the tutorial how to combine malware into software.

There’s a command lines also available, but GUI is preferable.

Download OpenPuff.

Open OpenPuff, it will gives options to hide, unhide, etc. openpuff:-Steganography+knowledgesuttra

Click on Hide.


It will open the screen as shown above.

  1. Enable/Disable both B/C password protection.
  2. Target will be the software or any file which we don’t want to show to user.
  3. Add other files that we want to show to user.
  4. Select the methods to encrypt file which is same as the extension of selected file in third step.
  5. Click on hide data.
  6. Then select the destination folder to save the file.
  7. Done

Now you can send that Malfunctioned file to the intended user.

You caught the victim.



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