Setting of Static IP address in Kali Virtual Machine

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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As you all knows Kali linux importans. Kali plays major role in The world of Hacking . As a beginner everyone has problem with IP configuration in Kali.

Mostly asked  questions that

1)      To be safe while surfing via internet what to do for safety ?

2)      How to configure the static IP address ?

3)      How to configure Static IP address on Kali Virtual Machine ?

All questions are get answered after you read this.

Setting up mask while doing illegitimate things is as necessary as our clothes during the bad situations. If you wish to know more about the IP,VPN,etc click here. Kali Linux as obviously works as command processing. And it is hard to configure it via commands processing.

Let’s Go !

Open the virtual machine :

1. Click on terminal or try key Ctrl+Alt+T

2.Now Check whether you are in the root or not, if not type

⇒ su root


3. Now check the total directories & files present there by typing ls(LS).

The only need to configure is IP by the single & important file interfaces.

Checkout the video for the complete tutorial.

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