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i,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As we previously uploaded blog regarding website development guide. Well ever owner wants rank there site. Here comes term called SEO. On these note let’s have quick guide SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it’s a optimization method/technique which have impact on website ranks. Optimization done for different Search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. A proper optimization responsible for website’s visibility in SERPs

note:- I’ll try keep things as understandable as possible, this quick guide for beginner. Soon deep Article regarding SEO Will uploaded, kindly subscribe to our newsletter so you can get quick update

How to Optimize Website in SEO point of view

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research will definitely help to consume less time as well effort.

Keyword mainly divided into two part,are as follows

1. Long Tail Keyword

Long tail keyword used target specific audience rather than mass audience .It easily allow you to rank in SEARCH result for specific niche.

2. Short tail keyword

It is an One word query which used to target in Mass audience. Mainly Short tail keyword considered in high competitive scope.

Keywords Placing

Proper keyword placing gives you an ultimate increment in PR. Well placing keywords in url,H1 and H2 tag gives more benefit .

Page Speed

The more faster your site load, faster your ranking increases. Site which have fast loading time will Index more quickly. Your page bouncing rate depend upon “How fast your site load”
The more bouncing rate will harm your site ranking.

Page speed can be achieve by minimizing java scipt,images, less animation,php etc. If you an WordPress user W3 Total Cache
plugin may help you.

Sitemap Submission

Every site has its own sitemap. It is basically an .xml file which contain all the page link which your site contain.

Submitting sitemap to webmaster tool means giving address of your page to google crawler so it can be indexed soon and in other hand it provide all page error if any page contain any error.

These quick steps can be done on beginner level as i quoted above. Stay in touch for advance level SEO guide

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