Secure your Smartphone:Top Third party Best privacy and security apps

HI, We all are addicted to smart-phone, when we say SmartPhones , first thing which comes into mind Is Android . As you all aware and we mention in our previous Blog also, How personal data can still ans many thing, I insist you to take a look on it, If you think “your personal life Should be personal

As Sunder Pichai Stated Around 1 Billion + Active android user in the world [its 2017 report ], Android one of the famous as well user friendly. Today I’am going to list some of the third party apps Which helps you too let your Private life remain Private . Lets get started

1. LastPass Password Manager 

 The LastPass Password manager is apk which act as gatekeeper for your Digital Life. It helps to generate strong pass, as well as handle your all Password. It lock your all password in vault.


2.    Signal Private Messenger

Its very use full for those who are in relations And don’t wants to let anyone know, just kidding . It is an Open source service open to All which provide end-to-end encryption not only text messages but also on Your voice calling and video calling also.


You can find peopal from your database as well you can enter a number and have an conversation. Do agree that What’s App also provides same feature, But I still say, it can be the best alternative for whats app is Signal Private Messenger.


A highly recommended Application which  keeping your phone-based data transmissions private and secure. It has a free version as well a Paid version available in Google play store.

It Provide “military-grade” Encryption for your all mobile traffic. It has 3,000 services across  dozen country .

To know more about VPN click here 


ProtonMail – Encrypted Email

When you got to grasp your emails will not be intercepted, ProtonMail is that the app you would like to use. based by scientists at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), ProtonMail uses Associate in Nursing ASCII text file technique of end-to-end secret writing to stay your messages safe from prying eyes. you do not got to offer any personal info, and therefore the company says it keeps no records of IP addresses or the rest that would link you to your account. In fact, the corporate says even its own staff could not browse or access your messages if they needed

Authy 2-Factor Authentication

Aside from exploitation robust passwords, the neatest factor you’ll be able to do to stay your on-line accounts safe is to use two-factor authentication everyplace it’s offered. Two-factor authentication needs you to own a second type of characteristic info — sort of a code generated by Associate in Nursing app on your phone — additionally to your primary arcanum, so creating it considerably tougher for a contemporary assaulter to induce into your accountAuthy 2-Factor Authentication

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