RAT of Hackers : Remote Access Terminal(Trojan)


Hello everyone welcome to knowledgesuttra. Today’s topic is RAT of Hackers. We will see how to use RAT and how it works. RAT is the acronym for Remote Access Trojan(Terminal). It is used for accessing the others(victims) computer without having physical access to them. Yes there are many tools(Trojan) available for the same. Some of them are legal also, in which a hacker will ask their victims to allow access to victim. But those which are not legal allows hacker to directly control the victims PC. Some of the popular and well known RAT are teamviewer, putty, etc. At the windows user end it will prompted as Remote Desktop Protocol.

Let’s see some of the hacker’s RAT that might be usable and easy to understand.

Download and Configure the AhMyth

It is freeware and ready to build the applications. Applications able to install on the Android Mobile Phones. The download and configuration of AhMyth

git clone https://github.com/AhMyth/AhMyth-Android-RAT.git

Then open up it. And move to the directory

cd AhMyth-Android-RAT/AhMyth-Server

If you have Node JS build structure available then go to it by writing

npm start

Then write sudo npm start –unsafe-perm

Great It’s working. With the GUI(Graphical User Interface).

It allows to build standalone APK or an application that can harm other applications so that it will work as Trojan and backdoor also. Backdoor are set to do almost every task of the hackers.

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