Quick guide on low carb diet


Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Let’s have another quick diet . To achieve weight loss we need to add carbs in diet . Even bodybuilder do add carbs in diet during competition period . Everyone at least for short period of time need to have low carbs diet,because our body needs needed more energy and carbohydrates are main source of energy

 What is low carbs diet?

It compensate with more protein and less fat. Carbs are non essential macro-nutrients.by the theory there is nothing wrong with low carbs

 what is the problem with low carbs diet?

Much of critique against carbs holds true only for simple carbs . if fact you regularly exercise not consume complex carbs but it will hurt your strength level and hence your muscles gain’s

As well as take a look on does low carbs helps with weight loss?

If your are  completely sedentary it makes sense to cut carbs you don’t need the energy.also people who consume primarily simple carbs will benefit from eating less of them. A low carb diet basically guarantees that your going to struggle with hunger.the different people react different increases less carbs intake so it can make sense to try it out at least one.

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