Privacy again going to compromised but “Door to privacy is here”

Privacy again going to compromised but

Hello guys ! As we already discussed about the Google’s safe search engine, Currently it is not working !

Why ? How and what are the consequences and alternatives for it. We’ll see all one by one.

As already declared, and Google already announced that every user who encounter’s search through the search engine “” he/she will be redirected to the official Google Search engine named “

Why is this happened ?

Currently no reason was revealed by the official Google center’s, So it has no clue to get to the actual reason.

What will be the Alternatives ?

Hereby we are glad to say that, we already had a session on private & safe browsing by keeping your searches encrypted. So that whenever anyone tries to decrypt he/she will be encountered by the officials and you & your privacy will never be compromised.

If you didn’t checked our last blog regarding to your privacy please visit and check about But currently this service has been stopped by the official Google on its platform. No worry about this. Because we have a great browser called as SearchEncrypt( this is still opens a door to your privacy. This search engine do not keeps track of what you are surfing on the net.

You must visit the links followed in the list. Here is the discussion of user’s of search encrypt search engine.

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