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Parker Solar Probe:a mission to Explore sun

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. NASA is now targeting to explore the sun . Over the years Scientists have tail so many truths about the sun, but there are so many things which we still don’t know about the sun.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is scheduled for launch in 2018 to explore the Sun’s outer atmosphere. According to the statement of NASA, the spacecraft well within the orbit of mercury and go closer to the surface that any spacecraft has gone before. The spacecraft will enter into the Sun’s atmosphere as close as 6.2 million kilometers to our star’s surface.

Parker solar probe

The spacecraft is of very small in size it about a size of a small car. It will directly insert into the sun’s atmosphere. The essential science objectives for the mission are to follow how vitality and warmth travel through the sun powered crown. The mission will be for comprehension of the sun. The spacecraft is having very high speed. The speed of spacecraft is approximately 430,000mph.


NASA missions are frequently renamed after dispatch and affirmation. For this circumstance, given Parker’s accomplishments inside the field, and how immovably balanced this mission is with his examination, the decision was made to regard him before dispatch, keeping` mind the end goal to attract regard for his imperative commitments to heliophysics and space science.

Parker Solar Probe is a bit of NASA’s Living with a Star Program, or LWS, to research parts of the Sun-Earth structure that clearly impact life and society. LWS is overseen by the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, in Laurel, Maryland, deals with the Parker Solar Probe mission for NASA. APL is planning and building the rocket and will likewise work it.

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