NASA’s new VASIMR plasma engine could get us to mars in only 39 days


Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discussing about the plasma engine. Guys do you know NASA is working on the plasma engine for space crafts. The plasma engine increases the speed of space crafts and reduces it’s time to reach at any planet.

 Most of the rockets are chemical rockets they use chemicals for the launch. With the help of chemicals reaction they make explosion for launch. Chemical rockets are heavy and fast-burning, which is good for the rocket launch from earth but it is not good for the long distance mission’s outer solar system.

How VASIMR work?

A rocker engine is a canister containing the high pressure gas. When we open a hole from one end, the gas will squirts out and the rocket goes to the other way. The speed of Rocket is totally depending on the hotness of the stuff in the canister. But the problem is that it is too hot it can melt the canister.

But the VASIMR engine is very much different from this. The fuel of VASIMR is electrically charged, when the gas gets heat and reached above 10,000kelvines, it gets converted into the plasma an electrically charges soup of the particle. Then the created particle can be held together with the help of magnetic field. And that magnetic field becomes the canister and this canister having no limit to contain plasma doesn’t matter how much it is hot.

Speed of VASIMR

With the help of advanced technologies reduces the total specific mass to less than 2 kg/kW. With the 200 MW of electrical power trip times of less than 60 days will be possible. It is assuming that the one way trips to mars lasting less than 39 days are conceivable using 200 MW of power. Assuming the speed of VASIMR rocket is nearly 123,000 mph.

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