mystery of our existence

mystery of our existence: Scientists Find Out The Most Precise Measurement Of Antimatter

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discus about the most Precise measurement of Antimatter. Antimatter’s precise measurement deepens the mystery of our existence. Each and every type of particle made of matter have its conjugate antiparticle or antimatter having the same mass which produces opposite electric charge at the same time.

When the matter and antimatter particle meet with each other they annihilate and leaving only remaining energy behind. Scientists say’s that matter and antimatter having equal amounts which are made by the Big Bang.

The Biggest Question in Physics

Scientists made the most precise measurement of antimatter yet but result only deepen the mystery of universe and existence of everything. But those new measurements can’t answer the biggest question in physics if during the Big Bang matter and antimatters were formed equally then why our universe and everything is made up of matter only? Where is the antimatter of the equal amount? The new measurements say’s that to an incredibly high degree of precision, matter and antimatter behave same.

We don’t know any primordial antimatter that made by the Big Bang. But the question is that, if matter and antimatter behave the same way then one type of them will survive the Big Bang and other did not?

To find out the answer to this question is to measure the properties of matter and its antimatter conjugates and compare those results. If there is the slight difference between the properties of matter and the properties of antimatter, that could be the first step to solving the biggest question of physics. But if scientists want to study the properties of antimatter, they have to make it artificially. In previous years some Scientists studying antihydrogen or we can say the antimatter of hydrogen. Because “hydrogen one of the thing which we understand best in the universe”.

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