Medicine you have take on your daily basis


Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are talking about three medicine you have take on your daily basis whether you doing gym or you want live healthy life.this three medicine you have to take away from daises.

so what are this three medicines lets take the information on it

what are this three medicines?

1. Himalaya Liv 52 :-

This medicine is directly effect on liver and it prevents from damage the liver .If our liver has been healthy then our whole body has been health and luckily it has not any side effects until you get the over dose of it you have take 1 tablet in one day and it price has also low 95rs and it has 100 tablets

 Advantages of Himalaya liv52

  • It is prevention and treatment of Viral hepatitis
  • It is used as Anabolic steroid(it is very helpful for who doing gym because it anabolic steroids it mens it helps to repair tissue and muscle)
  • Study shows that taking Himalaya live 52 on healthy diet to gain healthy weight because Himalaya Liv 52 helps to improve digestion

2.Supradyn(multivitamins tablets):-

It is multivitamins tablets this tablet has take many person it has no restrictions until you dont get over dose you have take one tablets per this multivitamins tablets it means it give vitamins as well as it give that type of vitamins that has we don’t get from our daily basis die.

 Advantages of Supradyn

  1. It helps on vitamin B12 deficiency
  2. Healthy nails, skin and hair
  3. It is for Strengthen bones and teeth
  4. It also repair tissue

and it has lots of advantages when you get this tablets

3.Evion 400

it is vitamins E tablets it helps to get healthy skin and specially hair

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