The reason behind Litecoin’s [LTC] decreasing in price

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Today we are talking about Litecoin(LTC) if you want to know about Litecoin then read our previous blog and as we discuss in the previous blog cryptocurrency market increased 40% in 48 hours but in other hand Litecoin coin price getting decreases not in 48 hours but from the month of February

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so let’s see why Litecoin(LTC) price decrease but firstly let see .what’s the condition of Litecoin(LTC) in last few months

The condition of Litecoin(LTC) in the last few months?

In 2017 Litecoin(LTC) was the big boom in cryptocurrency market and now it’s becoming the unsafe investment option , as well as Litecoin(LTC) is very volatile in present time and it’s  going through the up and down in this over month it is news for Litecoin(LTC) investor.

In Feb,  Litecoin is a big boom in the cryptocurrency market that this two project also launches. and sudden the  Litecoin Cash,LitePay  this two project is failed that time because the Litecoin(LTC) prices , these two project considered as failed

 Litepay service

mistaking dispatch for the new installment benefit LitePay has implied awful news at the cost of Litecoin, its picked digital currency. The famous Bitcoin elective dropped to as low as $215 on Feb, a seven percent plunge from ongoing highs.

It’s as yet not by any stretch of the imagination clear what occurred with LitePay’s eagerly awaited dispatch. The administration conveyed an email to supporters uncovering that issues with charge card organizations would defer client enrollments uncertainly, however the site was pushing forward with plans to begin enlisting dealers who will acknowledge LitePay once it winds up accessible.

In the month of Feb the price of one Litecoin(LTC) is 163.68 USD then the price regularly decreases and this month of July the price is 85.11 USD you can the major difference between the amount.

Why Litecoin(LTC) price decrease?

As we know it the Digital asset as well as it very hyper-volatile that’s why Litecoin(LTC) survive Up and Down in their price.

that’s why recommended that ,don’t put your all money in Cryptocurrency(Digital asset)

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