Know anyone’s location by sending link through message(WhatsApp, Facebook, etc).

Know anyone’s location by sending link through message(WhatsApp, Facebook, etc).+knowledgesuttra

Where’s my boy/girlfriend ? Where he/she spend maximum time ? Do you think he/she lied to you ?

Well know about his/her location by sending just a link to them. How is it possible ? There are many services available which are providing such details, we are going to discuss one of the trusted credential provider which is Grabify. It is the worldwide based IP provider. Today we will use Grabify as your primary weapon and later on we will use  IP2LOCATION to get the exact location of our victim.

Steps to get locations :

  • Go to Grabify

You will see the page looks like

Rather than getting confused Enter any available existing live site URL which you want to show to your victims and then click on Create URL.

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Now it will create any temporary link which grabs the information of victims. If you are unable to understand jumo to its dashboard, it will automatically jump to the dashboard, no need to do anything.

The URL that has been pasted earlier. And this is the page on which our victim will be redirected.

  1. URL which we will send to our victims.
  2. In the other link you will have options to select other type of URL shortners.
  3. This is the Access token that is used for accessing the our account and regain the session
  4. This is very important link that used to access our session without creating an account on grabify.

Now deceive the intended user/victim to click on the link. Once he/she clicks on the link your important data will start generating. And resultant you can see the Date and time, IP address of the user, Country, service used by user to access the link, whether it was referred by Facebook/Whatsapp/Twitter, etc. As well as you can see the Host name and ISP service provider name.

I tried mine, and successfully got the better result.

Now what about location.

Get that IP address and paste it in IP2LOCATION

Paste that grabbed IP in this search box. Now its done.

This is what we wanted ever. Latitude and Longitude. Now use the Google maps. And get the exact location of the victim.

Note :- Gathering anyone’s information without their permission is illegal, don’t do this even if you are having qualities. I never did this to compromise anyone’s safety. If you want to know anyone’s location just call them and ask about their respective location. #TeamKnowledgeSuttra neither encourages you nor advice you to do such illegitimate things. This is just for knowledge purpose.





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