Key of achievement : Adjustment/Sacrifice or Stubborn

Key of achievement :

Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra! What we are gonna discuss right now is the small behavior which will help in building a bright future, The key of achievement.
I know whenever we don’t get the things according to the wish or expectations, we choose to do sacrifice/adjustment. But does sacrifice as helpful as stubborn ?

Let’s go through a short story of a kids.

What kids do when they need a chocolate/ice cream ?
Or What they actually do when they want to fulfill their wish from their parents ?
They do only one thing.
Ask’s to their parents, again and again, again and again, until their wish get completed !
During your childhood did you tried any type of adjustment ?
If No, then day by day, at the every stage of life, including studies, teacher’s, school’s, friends, etc. why we do adjustment ? Why we elect to set an alternative for wishes ? Why should we do sacrifice with ourselves ? Does sacrifice satisfies you ?
For the self satisfaction we must elect Stubborn. Whatever it is I want it & I will get it.
This attitude make your own way to the success. What to do to keep this attitude ?
The small three words BEG, BORROW, STEAL. This will lead you to satisfy yourself in your way of success. If you are not getting help from anyone, you should take responsibilities, and try these three words throughout the life.
But according to the priorities elect Try first, then Beg, then Borrow, you will get something from these so you don’t want to go for last option i.e steal.
So guys keep you and atmosphere in stubborn. Not in adjustment !

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