ISRO going to set New Record: 19 satellite launch in a next 7


ISRO planning for a 19 satellite launch in a next 7 months

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friend as everyone talking about the ISRO’s new plane of launching 19 satellite’s in between 7 months. According to the ISRO chairmen K Sivan told in “The Time’s Of India”,

We are going to conduct 19 missions, including 10 satellites and nine launch vehicles, between September and March. For ISRO, this will be the most astounding thickness time frame for dispatches as at no other time we had propelled two satellites inside 30 days successively for quite a long time.”

According to his statement we can assume that India is going for the biggest step of the success. If we complete all this missions successfully, we are not backward form any of the country. Other then that ISRO planning for mission Chandrayaan-2 included with this 19 missions. ISRO will enter new year of 2019 with its most anticipated mission, Chandrayaan-2.

The dispatch is booked inside a little window of 43 days i.e. from January 3 to February 16. India will be in race with Israel to end up the fourth nation to arrive on the lunar surface, as they are propelling their moon mission around a similar time. ISRO’s PSLV C45 rocket will convey a remote detecting satellite Risat-2B in the long stretch of January.

 ISRO Schedule For 17 satellite launch

The mission will begin from September 15 with the launch of PSLV C42, carrying UK satellites- Novasar and S1-4, it will be a completely commercial launch.

In October there will be two launches, first would be GSLV MkIII-D2, also known as ‘BAHAUBALI‘. This is ISRO’s most powerful rocket wih lifting capability of 4-tonne. The rocket will carry GSAT-29 which will help reduce the digital gap in rural regions. Another launch scheduled in October is of PSLV C43 carrying hyperspectral imaging satellite.

In the month of November, GSLV F11 will launch GSAT-7A, the satellite will help Indian Air Force (IAF) to connect its ground radar stations, bases and AWACS aircraft’s.

On November 30, ISRO will launch its heaviest satellite of 5.6 tonne, GSAT-11, from French Guiana.

During the month of December, ISRO will launch Emisat through launch vehicle PSLV C44. Later, the organization will send a replacement satellite for Insat 4CR from French Guiana, GSAT-31, a communication satellite.

Amid the long stretch of February, ISRO will dispatch Catrosat-3, a remote detecting satellite and NEMO AM, cutting edge earth checking and perception vaporized observing satellite. Both the satellites will be propelled through PSLV C46.

In the long stretch of March, ISRO will dispatch Risat-2BR1. The satellites Risat-2BR1, Risat-2B and Catrosat-3 will enhance the reconnaissance ability of India.

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