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IOTA for Dummies

Today we are talking about IOTA(MIOTA) it is a cryptocurrency and it is an open source a distributed ledger (also called a shared ledger or referred to as distributed ledger technology as well it provides secure communication between the machines on the internet things and it is using Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) it is a finite directed graph with no directed cycles.

Now we look at the history of IOTA(MIOTA) cryptocurrency it is important to know any history of cryptocurrency. The price of one IOTA is 1.87 USD and in our Indian currency it is 125.32 /- INR

History of IOTA(MIOTA)?

It is the 9th rank cryptocurrency. IOTA is created by David Sonstebo and it IOTA cryptocurrency limit is fixed that is 2,779,530,283,277,761 and important is for IOTA no one do mining for IOTA

In 2016 while the beta testing is continued for next 11 months than in 2017 in may,$10 million ecosystem fund to promoting larger corporate collaborations, community projects, and other June IOTA was the first exchange listed on  Bitfinex (is a cryptocurrency exchange trading and currency-storage platform) next we go through the blockchain of IOTA it must be important to know block chain because it the soul of crypto currency.

Blockchain of IOTA(MIOTA)?

With a specific end goal to partake in this system, a member basically needs to play out a little measure of computational work that confirms two past exchanges. As opposed to making a progressive system of parts and duties in the system, each on-screen character has similar impetuses and prizes. Keeping in mind the end goal to make an exchange in the Tangle, two past exchanges must be approved with the reward for doing as such being the approval of your own exchange by some resulting exchange. With this ‘show preemptive kindness’ arrangement of approvals, there is no compelling reason to offer money related prizes. Executing with IOTA is and will dependably be totally expense free. It the blockchain of IOTA(MIOTA) cryprocurrency.

then we get the question on our mind how we get the IOTA for that next few line help to know

How to get and where to buy ?

IOTA is still new crypto currency that’s why many platforms does not offer to exchange it there following platforms are help to exchange it

  1. Binance :-
  1. Coinspot

3. yobit

Now another question get in our mind where we save the IOTA crypto currency

for that read following few line

IOTA(MIOTA) for wallet?

It is very simple the official IOTA(MIOTA) wallet is available on play store and it is beta version.

it the complete information of IOTA(MIOTA)

If you want to know more about IOTA(MIOTA) then go it’s official site

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