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Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Guys from today we are starting a blog related to Android application development. We provide proper and complete information about Android App Development from beginning to expert level step by step. Today we just get an introduction to Android Application development. We will see what exactly Android is, how Android and Java work together and what is Android API. And we will see what tools and software required for the development environment.


  1. About Android History
  2. What Exactly Android is
  3. Which Are Android Programming Languages
  4. What Is Android API

About Android History

Android was acquired by Google in 2005, but peoples didn’t have much interested in it. Google announced its first Android phone that was G1 in 2008. The G1 was the first publicly released Android device. At that time it is having fewer features and poor look as compare to Apple’s iPhone. They putting some effort into the product and make it better for users. Quite quickly the number of the Android user increases because it giving a good option in both price-conscious as well as the fashion-conscious as compare to Apple’s iPhone. Android starts with the Android “1.0 – BASE” and now we are using Android version “9.0 – P”. Right now, Android is in huge demand and the result is that the platform with the Android App development is turning into one of the major options, instead of taking second place to Apple’s iOS.

What Exactly Android is

Android is a customizable, ready-made and low-cost operating system that can be used with high-tech devices and for this reason; it is popular with technology companies. Android is an operating system for mobiles developed by the Google Corporation. Android is a Linux kernel based operating system. The user interface of the Android operating system is direct manipulation based. Android is open source and this encouraged a huge community of enthusiasts and developers to use its code for developing community-driven projects with which they can add additional features for advanced users. They can also install Android on devices that run on other OS.

 This is primarily designed for touchscreen smartphones and tablets. Apart from these, Android can also be used for wrist watches (Android wear), televisions (Android TV) and cars (Android auto). The operating system makes use of the touch inputs which loosely correspond to the real world actions, like pinching, tapping, swiping and reverse pinching for manipulating the virtual keyboard and the on-screen objects. This is not all, Android is also used with digital cameras, gaming consoles, personal computers and a few other electronics. Of all the operating systems in the market, Android holds the largest installed base.

Which Are Android Programming Languages

The Android operating system consists of Java code, some of the framework is not written in Java. Small amounts of XML in use to addition with Java in Android apps designing All the Android applications are written in Java language. But it is not necessary we can make Android application only with the java we can use C and C++ also for the development. Google Announced Official Language For Android Development: Kotlin.

 Which Are Android Programming Languages+knowledgesuttra Kotlin is very advanced and easy language it is a little bit similar to Java but much easier than Java. You can use any of this language but you have to know about the XML for the designing of UI (user interface). It is must to know about XML before starting Android Application Development. But the Android Studio reduces that problem also. Android studio is IDE for Android Application Development which provides drag and drops option for UI designing. There are many IDEs are available to developing an Android Application but mostly we use IntelliJ, Android Studio, and eclipse. I also recommend using Android Studio it is the best option to develop fast and good Android Application.

What Is Android API

The Android API is the code that makes it extremely simple to do remarkable things. Basically, Android API is an interface which gives us the more user-friendly environment to develop batter Android Application. A straightforward similarity could be drawn with a machine.

For example, bike when you advance on the accelerator, an entire pack of things occurs in the engine. We don’t have to comprehend about burning or fuel pumps in light of the fact that a shrewd designer has given an interface to us. For this situation, a mechanical interface—the accelerator pedal.

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