These How you can Break the HTTPS secured connection

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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Let’s have quick guide on How to break HTTPS secured connection. HTTPS provide security as well authority to your site as well it helps to increment in Page rank in Google search .  Earlier I have upload a blog on difference between HTTP and HTTPS. If you didn’t know about what exactly HTTP and HTTPS, then kindly go through the earlier blog. Let’s get through the Breaking the Security of SSL layer.

SSL layer is for Secured Socket Layer.

Working of SSL layer.

“passing the user end data to the server end with encryption and decryption techniques with security”

Breaking SSL layer requires the Backtrack OS(Operating System). Which comes with the built-in feature of Python Built with SSLSTRIP configures. There’s just a need of opening it.

How to do so ?

  • move to the directory /pentest/web/sslstrip
  • and open the root terminal there
  • type the following commands
  • chmod +x
  • python

Now it will prompt as

Sslstrip 0.8 by moxie MarlinSpike running

What can be done ?

What are the benefits ?

Get through the screenshot provided. You will get everything that can be done.

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