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Today we are going to talking about protein powder it means whey protein and other protein powder as well as we discuss about the myths about protein powder.Many times it consider whey protein or any other protein powder is steroids. I would like mention one point here is  whey protein is not steroids it is pure dairy product. Let’s take an look on how whey protein is dairy product?whey protein is dairy product

And the main thing that is Whey protein powder that is for to push your diet or add more protein to your diet.


But first, we take short information about what is protein?

what is protein?

Amino acids are building blocks of protein without amino acid it is not possible to build muscle Protein is the macro nutrient. It helps to build a muscle mass .Human body contain 20 amino acids, in which 9 amino acids are very essential and the main think is Human body unable produce such amino acids , So in order to full-fill these need a proper diet plane is very important .

so this is the short information about protein , Now let’s take tour towards  how protein is made?

How is whey protein made?

As i quoted above  it an dairy product so its obvious  that comes from milk[Only cows milk is used]. High-quality milk were used in order to get high-quality protein

First of all extracted high-quality milk shift in chess manufacturing factory. These high quality contain around  3.5% protein,4% fat,4.6% lactose, It also contain some bacteria.

In order to reduce the amount of bacteria , It goes through Pasteurization process, in which milk heated at 72°C to 73°C.  Once process got finished ,The remaining mink contain  20% whey and 80% casein and then milk has divide into two part one is solid and second is liquid  that solid part is collected and process as a chess and liquid as collected and process as whey this liquid then process for purification to remove carbohydrate, fats, minerals and water then liquid whey is sent to protein manufacturing factory and this liquid whey is instantly load into big network of stainless steel turbines that has special ceramic filters this process remove fats and lactose from this liquid then this whey protein liquid is go to into dryer this dryer is hot as well as cold to dry out the water and separated the solid from the liquid in this whole process we get the resultant powder may have 90% of whey ratio and this whey protein is tested for purity and then for test it has added some artificial favor as well as it has for good mix-abilit.

Now there are many types of protein available in the market

what kind of protein are best for good health.

Let’s see
There are mostly used this three protein powder that have
Protein concentrates: This contains 60% to 80% of protein and other 20% to 30% of calories in fat and carbs it is high in sugar and its mixability is quite good.

Protein isolates

It is the best form of protein because it contains 90% to 95% of protein and additional carbs and fats removing by filtering and it does not high in sugar and it is very good in mixability

Protein hydrolysis

It is a pure form of protein and it do not have any sugar presence but it’s mixability is not very good
We recommend protein isolates because it has good  mixability

From these three protein powders, it has also other protein powders

 Casein Protein

Casein is low digested slowly absorbed much more slowly. It takes time to digest that 6 to 7 hours that’s why we recommend take before sleep.

 Soya protein

It is a good source of protein for vegetarian people but we recommend take less serving as you can because it affects your testosterone level for men and for women it is good

 Milk protein isolates

It contains casein and proteins and it is similar to soya protein


How to Identify Fake Protein Powder

Now-a-days lots of fake protein powder available in market ,  we’ll give you a method to identify original protein powder.
Check the label of the company

  • Check manufacturing date on the protein powder box
  • Check the seal if the seal is broken then don’t buy that product’s ever.
  • Incorrect hologram
  • Tastes funky if your protein powder tastes weird then instantly return this product

Following cases may affect your health when you take protein powder that’s why take smartly

1. Protein powder has a side effect when anyone takes an overdose of it we will recommend to optimal protein intake is about 0.8g to 1.0 per pound of body weight per day

2. If you have an existing renal disease or existing kidney problems then limit your protein intake

3. Elderly individuals at risk of bone density issues and osteoporosis (a medical condition in which deficiency of calcium or vitamin D) should aim to consume more protein (when you take more protein)


1. to live a healthy life: 0.5 to 0.7 grams per pound of body weight
2. to build muscle: 0.8 to 1 grams per pound of body weight
3. to loose fat maintain muscle: 0.8 to 1 grams per pound of body weight
So, guys, it is a complete guide of protein

Lastly this word for you

The mirror is a reflection our body and we saw how we are healthy we are so if you want your reflection be healthy then eat healthy food and be smart for your health.

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