Quick guide on How to live Healthy life style


Today we are talking about Healthy Food you need add in your life style,by which you can keep your self healthy. Things which I going to mention here isn’t cost you more, All the these things can easily available in home

so,lets get started

what type of food we need to eat daily to live healthy life?

Early morning with empty stomach have some warm water with honey,it will provide boost to your immune system. Indirectly you’ll have good Cholesterol level and prevent cardiovascular diseases and it also helps in reducing high blood pressure

Afterwords you can have breakfast,you need to add t oats or daliya, sprouts,milk,egg so this food have very good benefits.

Oats or Daliya:-

   Oats and daliya are made from wheat Wheat consumes lots of fiber as well as low glycemic index. It means it has tendency to digest very slow that why it provides energy for long time.


   It have lots of benefits and it have rice with vitamins E as well as it is good antioxidant for our body.  It helps to prevent from skin cancer it has many benefits like Boosts Blood Supply, Rich Source of antioxidants,Rich in Iron,Rich in Iron etc this all nutrient are important for our body.


 As we know milk also important part our life and milk have lots of calcium this calcium are important for our bones


Egg has preventing from hair loss because it has biotin as well as it has omega 3 & 6 fatty acid and this fatty acid good for our brain and heart it also rise our testosterone level

so this is the morning routine lets talk about lunch

In lunch whatever want to eat but you have eat only home food not a street side junk food .When you have to lunch kept in mind you also have to add salad because vitamins also important for our body and it important fill with salad

Then last meal of our day that was dinner, in dinner you eat your normal dinner whatever you want to eat and like lunch you have to add salad

so this is the normal People diet who live life health for that they have to must eat this healthy food.you have also eat junk food but keep ratio only 10%/15% and 90%/85% healthy food

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