Identifying Gathered Data : Whois Records

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In the previous blog we learned about some tools which allow us to gather some information about websites. As last blog is all about information gathering of any website, in this blog we will go through the exact understanding of data which is essential for hacking purpose. We will go through WHOIS records of website. But before that take permission of website owner.

Go to

It will look like as above image appears.

As I am concerned with my website I will show you some information regarding to my website.

Lets go through one by one entity.

Domain profile

In the domain profile you may see some most relevant information about the website and website domain name provider, as well as domain registrar info. Go through this. Let me aware you again without the owner’s permission don’t try anything malicious else it will punish you in jail.

Now If you go through the next listed tab which gives information about website

Response code 500 which means website is responsive, and alive also.

SEO score also best about 97%. And Seven hundred and fifty eight terms included.

And now its time for something unethical. If you generate the report and finds any bug, exploit it. But carefully we are very much attentive about that, if you finds anything convey us. And now search about your victims.

In the next lecture we will study about

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