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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . As many time it happens with me, may be with you also. like you seen an add regarding any sale or offer and when ready to grab it. It prompt with out of stock . Here is small trick it might help you. let’s take deep dive into it

The very first thing you are going to check

“Amazon’s offer, Flipkart Big Billion Days, Free days offer’s, MI 4th anniversary”

Consider it is declared that tomorrow is the date of sale, Big billion days, etc. You will create an account for the same sale shop, the carefully fills the all updated account details. Now here is the time for sale lets consider 4PM.

3:59:57 – 3:59:58 – 3:59:59 -Sale On-4:00:00-Out of stock-4:00:00

Where you are wrong ? What thing you missed out ?

All excitement that you think you will put on store’s database gone into dumpbase.

Here’s somewhat tricky methods that will lead you to grab them ! Yes ! Surely you gonna get that stuffs from particular shops.

First of all, Go to https://archive.org

As obviously whatever we are missing we makes it archived. Same thing we will going to with the shopping sites.

We will submit the URL of shop which is generated during the sale, once anyone submitted that URL everyone able to get that link back and use your archived link and avail offer.

Well, the summary of submitted URL will look like

Now the question arises is How to submit the URL ?archive image 2

In the above image the very easy step to do is click on the search bar, and hit ENTER.

Automatically it will promt for page are not archived, want to archive all pages under www.url.domain

Everything is in your hands. Do not use it maliciously

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