How to gain complete access on Router/ DHCP server ?

How to gain complete access on Router/ DHCP server ?+knowledgesuttra

Well ! Sometimes it happens like a single router/DHCP server is available at the location and many user get connected to that, in such cases the surfing speed is not so good. And obviously what we actually think “Somehow I can disconnect everyone and utilize the whole Wi/Fi router speed for my surfing.” But can’t actually perform the blocking of other devices to restrict service of server only for self surfing.

This professionally it is also termed as DHCP Starvation !

Why Professionally it is termed as DHCP Starvation ?

Answer is quite simple. GO through The Hacking Grammar.

Let’s get back to the topic.

DHCP Starvation is a process of acquiring all the IP’s throughout the whole range provided by the Router/DHCP server. And here we can do this by a small and open source tool known as Yersinia.

What do you actually gonna perform ?

We will install the tool, run it, and grab the whole range of IP that could be served by the DHCP server/Router/Wi-Fi. I prefer to use the Linux and recommend to use the backtrack for this session. Configure the validated Backtrack and open the command prompt. Here it is not recommended to do the practical to harm any system.

Open the terminal of backtrack i.e command prompt.

Now write

root@back:~# yersinia -G

And then hit Enter ┘

It will open a prompt window with a GUI(Graphical User Interface).

Just few clicks will allow a hacker to victimize a Router/DHCP server.DHCP Starvation

Click on DHCP tab.DHCP Starvation+knowledgesuttra+image 2 Click on launch attack.DHCP Starvation+knowledgesuttra+image 3

The last Pop-up asks for how the attack should be ?

Select the option to discover.DHCP Starvation+knowledgesuttra+image 4

All the steps are noted and the resultant Router/DHCP server status will look like busy Up to range 253 as 255 is broadcast IP and 254 allocated by router itself.DHCP Starvation+knowledgesuttra+image 5

Now last but not least, question arises is A single MAC id can have only one Network connectability, but as mentioned above Yersinia tool catches all IP that can be provided, HOW ?

The yersinia itself created as to automatically spoof the MAC address and get the every possible combination

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